Depression & The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

I feel like I’m at the edge of falling into a deeper depression spiral. When I was a teenager, trauma led to me becoming...

“White male autism”

Biological essentialism & autistic traits When I talk about the autistic traits I have or autistic coded characters in the media I relate to,...
Twitter Post: "It's ironic to insist that autism is a spectrum that can present in a wide variety of ways, and then dismiss any presentation that you don't relate to as being just a stereotype. It's dehumanizing."

“Just a stereotype!”

I find it problematic when people dismiss certain legitimate presentations of autism as mere “stereotypes” just because they don’t personally identify with those presentations....
ADHD vs Autism Venn Diagram
ADHD Autism

ADHD vs Autism (Simplified)

A common question I see in neurodivergent communities is “How do I distinguish ADHD from autism”? So I made a venn diagram of similarities...
Brain drawing
ADHD Autism

Finding a specialist for an autism or ADHD assessment

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I found my psychologist, so I’ll explain the process in this post....
Autism rainbow infinity symbol
ADHD Autism

Officially diagnosed with autism!

After months of anticipation, I received an official autism diagnosis this morning. I also got diagnosed with ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and social anxiety...
Drawing of a clock on a pink background
ADHD Autism

Getting out of waiting mode

What is waiting mode? Waiting mode is when you feel unable to do anything but wait when you expect an event or appointment in...
A drawing of a kangaroo on a purple background with handwritten text that says, "Everyone may have some autistic traits to some degree, but not everyone is equally disabled."

Why saying “everyone is a little autistic” is invalidating

Many autistic people get told that “everyone is a little autistic” when they disclose that they are autistic. While everyone may be a “little...
Picture of a clock
ADHD Autism

Waiting mode: What is waiting mode and what causes it?

Waiting mode is when you feel unable to do anything but wait when you expect an event or appointment in the near future....
Hyperfocus hypnotic eyes
ADHD Autism

What is hyperfocus?

Hyperfocus is a state of intense concentration and deep immersion in an activity. When hyperfocusing, you may become oblivious to the outside world and...